7 Innovative Ideas for a Luxurious Bathroom Makeover

No matter the size of your home in New York, whether a mansion or a small apartment, we all share a common desire to enjoy the finer things in life. And the perfect place for that is one’s very own bathroom!

You don’t need to be obsessed with skincare or spend hours in the tub to appreciate a sleek, well-designed, and luxurious bathroom. No matter the size, you can have your luxury bathroom using these innovative ideas during your next remodeling project

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Zen Bathroom  

While the concept of Zen might mean different things to different people, ultimately, it often raises images of peacefulness and serenity. Although a Zen aesthetic may help you relax and unwind at home, it should be no surprise that the bathroom is an ideal spot to incorporate Zen-inspired fixtures.

A Zen bathroom is perfect for people who enjoy long soaks in the tub or spend a few minutes relaxing before diving into the day. A luxuriously simple bathroom, influenced by the Japanese Zen aesthetic, is perfect for individuals who want to take long, relaxing baths in peace and quiet thanks to the soothing white walls, marble panels, and color palette.

Parisian-Style Bathroom 

Parisian bathrooms have a charm that no one can deny, from their elegant moldings to their monochromatic palette and marble fixtures. Everyone loves a moment, and there’s no better way to have that moment than having a Parisian-style bathroom for your next remodeling project. 

Bathrooms decorated in a Parisian style have been popular in the bathroom remodeling design world recently, and it’s easy to see why. The fixtures and fittings in the bathroom have a unique, vintage feel, with storage provided by antique furniture and the light source, most likely a bathroom chandelier. 

It’s a far cry from the sleek, modern styles that have dominated bathroom remodeling styles in the past decade, opting instead for a more relaxed, classic aesthetic. Lastly, a Parisian-style bathroom is a great way to give the impression that your home has a hint of luxury.


nature bathroom NYC

Although luxurious bathrooms may often mean having expensive and extravagant bathroom fixtures, high ceilings, and expensive fitters, that’s not precisely what luxurious bathrooms are. More often than not, most luxurious bathrooms don’t use elegant bathroom fixtures but add an element of nature to bring out the warm and tranquil atmosphere that spas have. 

Since many are adding a natural element to their bathroom, the modern bathroom has evolved into a haven where anyone can freshen up their mind and body. Nowadays, wood is fast becoming the material of choice in today’s spas and bathrooms because of its inherent elegance and coziness.

Wooden wall cladding makes a bathroom look more luxurious and helps cut down on echo. You can easily incorporate wood into your bathroom remodeling, from a tiny stool to a fully timber-fronted vanity. 

Simple but Stunning B&W

A simple but stunning way to create a luxurious bathroom design that’ll be perfect for your next remodeling project is by using the contrast between the traditional black and white bathrooms. By placing the correct elements in the right place, you can create a classic and modern difference that’s pleasing to the eye and trendy. 

You can make a bold statement in your bathroom by combining white walls with a black vanity and finishing the look with rough solid surface counters and brass industrial plumbing fixtures. 

Gold Accents

There’s nothing more luxurious than adding gold accents to everything. Gold fixtures and decorations bring a touch of luxury to the bathroom. 

However, it’s worth noting that the gold in the luxurious bathroom isn’t overly flashy but rather used sparingly to help make the bathroom stand out. Because of this, you’ll never see a fully gold bathroom. After all, luxury finishes that are too shiny to be used as significant materials in a bathroom are too much of an eyesore. 

Luxurious Shower

More and more people are opting for showers that provide a unique experience, allowing you to make your bathroom a sensual and luxurious oasis. Because of advances in shower technology, we now have a more incredible opportunity to experience hydrotherapy in the comfort of our homes. 

One option is a plate-style head with water that falls like soft rain to saturate the skin and rest the mind. Another shower design is a sports-style directional shower head that gives an exciting sensation and assists in easing muscle discomfort.

Statement Tub

shower and tub NYC

Even if it serves its purpose, a regular porcelain tub could be more luxurious. As such, if you want to make a statement in the room, consider the numerous different tub designs that could work in your bathroom. 

One good example is installing a standalone tub and viewing the surrounding area by adding a few fixtures or designs. Another good idea is possibly installing something like stone, concrete, or a matte black or blue finish on your next bathroom remodeling project. 

Are You Ready for a Bathroom Makeover in New York?

If you’re considering doing a bathroom remodeling project for your NYC home, it’s essential to consider what details will set your new bathroom apart. Many homeowners try to update their bathrooms, but only some successfully create the space they’ve always envisioned. If you want to be completely happy with the finished product, you can choose any of the ideas above to make your bathroom luxurious.

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