How we estimate renovation costs for remodeling?

At Remodel Magic, we believe customers should have total control on how their renovation projects will be handled. And they should also have the freedom to choose how the remodeling work is priced. That is the reason Remodel Magic made a step-by-step method for our clients to figure it out themselves.

Simply follow the steps below and you will see how we come up with an estimate for your renovation. Or if you prefer, just contact us to discuss. We’d love to speak to you in person.



Step 1: Choose Service Type

Labor Only

I will choose my own tiles, vanity, cabinets…etc. I just need a professional team to provide labor to construct as well as purchasing construction materials.

Concierge Design and Build

I don’t have time and experience to select my own material. So I need an expert designer to help me with materials selection and layout. Remodel Magic will supply all materials, labor and waste management fee. I would also need someone to manage ordering, project updating, and time management for my project. Remodel Magic will include everything into one package so my anticipation to the project are minimal.

renovation service choice



Step 2: Choose Pricing Method

Fixed Price

I would prefer Remodel Magic to provide a fixed price based on the formula below. Remodel Magic will guarantee the project will complete within the scope of the contract with a fixed price.

Price by Attendance

I would prefer to pay by attendance based on the formula below. By attendance I will be paying the actual amount of labor count only with can translate to more saving. But Remodel Magic will not make any guarantee on final price like with the fixed price option.

renovation cost pricing method



Step 3: Choose Option

Professional Cleaning

Remodel Magic can provide professional cleaning at the end if the project so you can truly enjoy your new home the moment you return.

cleaning after remodeling



Step 4: Contact Us


Call, text, or download our app(coming soon) to contact one of our experienced sales staff now and let us know how you want us to price your project.

customer service representative remodel magic remodeler remodeling contractors



Understand Our Pricing Formula

Remodel Magic pricing is transparent, so our clients know how we came up with our prices.

renovation cost calculations


Our method is simple

1 technician working 1 full/partial day equal to 1 labor count

1 labor count in Suburb =$475/labor count

1 labor count in Manhattan =$750/labor count


A standard bathroom in Bayside, Queens takes 6 days to complete with 2 technicians each day equals to 12 labor count. 12 labor count x $475/labor count = $5700.

A standard bathroom in Manhattan, NY takes 7 days to complete with 2 technicians each day equals to 14 labor count. 14 labor count x $750/labor count = $10,500.


Our client is in control:

Customer can choose to have Remodel Magic price a project with a fixed price based on the simple formula above or we can charge based on actual labor count to complete your project by taking attendance.

Customer can also choose to have Remodel Magic provide full concierge design and build service, simply adding 20% to the sum.

*Price stated above are strictly for labor cost only. Does not include materials, permits, waste management, licensed architect service and filing fees.

**A working day constitute from 1 minute to maximum 9 hours including lunch break.


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