Guide to Home Renovation in New York City: The Renovation Process (Part 3 of 4)

Part 3: The Entire NYC Home Renovation Process

In our previous blog, we discussed about the cost of undertaking a home renovation project in New York City and tips on setting a good budget for your project. We also learned the importance of hiring the right NYC renovation contractor and company to work with. In this article, we will talk about the entire home renovation process for New York City homes or apartments.

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Step # 1: Obtain a Copy of the Building’s Alteration Agreement and Review It

Understanding the approval process will be beneficial as it can be quite lengthy. In recent years, there has been a more rigorous approval process implemented by the Department of Buildings, leading to stricter approval requirements from management companies.

To improve the chances of approval for your project, it is advisable to engage a contractor who has staff experience in handling approvals. At Remodel Magic, we have a dedicated team that will you with this purpose.

Step # 2: Hire Your Renovation Contractor in New York City

To increase the likelihood of project approval, hiring a reliable NYC contractor with knowledge of your building or property is crucial. Design to build firms streamline the process by providing a comprehensive team. We have completed numerous projects in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn, and you can see our past projects here.

You will not know all the challenges encountered during the design process. Having a knowledgeable team working with you will ease the burden. The more people involved in completing your project, the better the outcome.

Step # 3: The Approval Process

Now that a contractor has been hired, the focus shifts to obtaining project approval. An estimated timeframe for approval is 6 to 16 weeks, which can extend for larger projects requiring architects and work permits. While there are rare occasions when faster approval is possible, they are not common.

During this phase, your contractor should handle all necessary documentation and submissions to local authorities. It’s important to stay engaged and ensure that all paperwork reflects the true scope of the project, as this will help avoid delays and ensure compliance with all building regulations and zoning laws. Regular communication with your contractor and any involved architects is essential to navigate this stage effectively and to adjust plans as necessary based on the feedback from the approval agencies.

Step #4: Material Selection and Lead Time

NOTE: This step can be concurrent with the Approval Process

As the contractor navigates the approval process with the management company, you engage in designing and selecting materials. It is important to consider lead times, especially for custom and handmade items, as they often have longer lead times. Clients who take their time and exercise patience tend to be most satisfied in the long run.

An additional advantage of engaging a design-to-build firm is the option to order materials through them. While the idea of ordering materials independently to save money might seem attractive, any complications that arise could result in unnecessary time and energy spent resolving them.

Step #5: Construction (Let the Work for Your NYC Home Renovation Begin!)

NYC home renovation process

Finally, the renovation process commences, which will naturally be the most time-consuming phase. Your contractor should provide you and the management company with a project completion timeframe.

For instance, a small NYC bathroom typically takes around 4-6 weeks from demolition to completion, provided all materials are on site and there are no delays, such as building closures during holidays.

The start of a gut renovation involves demolition, followed by the installation of rough framing and carpentry, then rough plumbing and electrical work. Next, drywall is put in place and floor finishes are applied, followed by the installation of cabinets, light fixtures, and fittings. Lastly, the walls are painted, marking the completion of the renovation.

Note that every project involves some level of uncertainty. What will we find hidden behind the walls? What obstacles will we face? The success of a renovation should not be judged by unforeseen incidents, but rather by how well the contractor handles and resolves these situations.

Step #6: Inspections and Project Completion

Throughout the construction process, the city will conduct plumbing and electrical inspections. After all the work is finished, a final inspection will be carried out before the DOB approves the permits. This final stage can take anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks, depending on the project’s size and the DOB’s inspection scheduling.

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In conclusion, a renovation in NYC may be intricate, but the outcome is always worth the effort. Working with a reliable team such as Remodel Magic will undeniably assist you in navigating each step, leading to the realization of your dream home, where you can live happily ever after.

For common questions about home renovation in New York City, head over to the last part of this comprehensive NYC home renovation guide.

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