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We are proud to be one of the best remodeling contractors in NYC. With more than 20 years remodeling experience, Remodel Magic has been serving boroughs of New York City. That includes in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and Bronx, as well as Nassau county. We specialize not only in complete home renovation but also kitchen renovation and bathroom remodel.

As a fully licensed and insured home remodeling contractor, we carry top of the line insurance policies, including “Action Over Exclusion Coverage”. We are experts in transforming any room on your property into the room of your dreams. Our home remodeling services cover all types of property, such as house, townhouse, brownstone, condo, and co-op.  

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Alex Ngan

Project Manager

To give people freedom to transform their home without sacrificing their life doing it

Robert Zhou

Project Manager

The devil is in the details, get them out before deadline

Maia R. Ozegovic

Interior Designer

Building material is my medium to paint a room, the best room have something to say about the people who live in them

frequently asked questions

That is how confident we are.  We want to make sure you are getting the best out of your investment which include best services, fastest quote, best price, best craftmanship, and quickest completion.  We believe it is what all home owners deserved.

With our 20+ years construction experiences, most projects can get an accurate estimate within an hour via email, text, or chat.  Provide us with a brief description on what you have in mind including your name, contact, and borough, send us some pictures of the existing condition and our design sales will provide you with an estimate within a few hours.  It is easy and fast.  Or you can always set up a time for a free in person consultation with our friendly staff.

If you want the most competitive price, client can request for labor only contract which included free limited assistance on material selection, purchases and local pickup (additional service fee may apply if RM feels courtesy help becomes excessive).

If you want a white glove service request RM for an all-inclusive design and build service for your project which also include our signature Magiclean treatment.  Client will pay 30% service fee on top of actual cost for all materials.

Our secret ingredient to quickest completion is picking good suppliers who share the same principle as RM – Speed, Quality and Value. Custom countertop as quick as 3 days delivered, cabinets, tiles, floor…etc same day or next day delivery or locally in-stock ready for pick up, RM hand picked prefered vendors to meet our demand.

RM break up suppliers in 3 category
1- Online
2- Local In-Stock
3- Special Order

Client need to ask themself if they want their project done at lighting speed or if they like to take things slow.  If you want RM to start your project with no downtime, select only local in-stock materials and or order online with fast shipping.  If you want RM to start your project and ok to pause in between so you can order materials as needed, select any vendors you like.

Upon Request RM will provide our client with our exclusive prefered Vendor list. 

Although we have successfully executed many projects when client is out of town, we do highly recommend our client to visit site as frequently as possible.  We do frequently send site progress updates photos via the chat group, however nothing beats seeing in person. 


If your project manager has not advised you to do so, if your project is getting very close to end, feel free to provide us with a punch list of items you think we have missed. Our team will work on it accordingly.

RM pride ourselves on getting things done at the fastest speed in the industry.  Average bathroom done in 7 days and average kitchen done in 10 days. Our secret is simple, hire dedicated experienced fulltime in-house technicians, offer them best incentives to get their best performance.  Each of our estimate will include an estimate completion lead time.

RM, our plumber and electrician are licensed to work in 5 boroughs of NYC as well as Nassau County.  For apartment, all you need to do is email us the Alteration agreement document, we will do the rest plus 100% guarantee approval or your deposit fully refund.  For DOB permit, it is case by case assessment, for extra fee we have affiliate architect who can assist us on getting DOB job approval and permit, during the estimate phrase, RM will advise you if your project needs DOB permit or not, you have the option to accept or decline so we can price it accordingly.

RM will create a chat group for each project which will include project manager, designer, general manager and technicians within the group.  Text your questions or concern to the group, you will receive a reply instantly or within minutes.  You can also text each team member individually or of course making a phone call is always an option.

RM want you to enjoy your new home without worrying about it.  During the warranty period, RM at free of charge on labor only will repair any defect because of poor workmanship.  For example, leaky plumbing pipes, tile came off, towel bar is loose, light fixture is loose…etc.  Keep in mind, RM can only warrant on what we can control which is workmanship and we have no control over materials defect which may or may not have warranty provide by the manufacturer.  Also note, RM reserved the right to decline any guarantee claim if RM feel it is not a result of poor workmanship.

As always, tips are not expected but are greatly appreciated.  The best thing our client can help is to leave us your honest review on all social media platforms, word of mouth is the best advertisement and help our business grow.

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We are passionate to make your home creative

We are passionate to make your home creative